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For any request or further information on our services, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below.

Where to find us and how to contact us

Getting to our factories is easy, it is located in Marina Centro. You can take the Free Shuttlemare, Metromare, Lime for micromobility or public transport.

  • Bagno 38: 3358028090
  • Bagno 39: 3336619590 or 331237949
  • Bagno 40: 3298757191
  • Bagno 41: 3385714512
  • Bagno 42: 3338279461
  • Bagno 43: 3807098709
  • Bagno 44: 3398399255
  • Email:


Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do to book the beach?

From the BOOK NOW page, enter the dates of your stay and follow the simple steps to complete your booking. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Are animals welcome?

Yes, we accept animals throughout the establishment. Remember to bring your four-legged friend’s veterinary documents with you, we will need them to fill out forms required by law.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, our factories offer their customers access to a high-speed internet network that allows them to surf at any point.

Do you have beach towels?

No, we do not sell beach towels on our establishments. However, you can buy them in shops on the seafront.

Do you have hot showers indoors?

Yes, some of our establishments have private hot showers for a fee (€0.50 every 90 seconds) indoors and are always usable. Remember that the services can be used wherever you booked your holiday.

Are the establishments accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, our facilities have been designed to be easily accessible to everyone. We also have Job wheelchairs that allow you to go on the sand and swim in the sea effortlessly and a mobile walkway that you can use to comfortably reach your umbrella.

rimini beach holiday contacts