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beach establishment in Rimini

Our beaches

The Marina Lido bathing establishment (beaches 38 to 44) is located in Marina Centro on the Rimini seafront. The clean sand, well maintained and very spacious offers the opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation and more. We are the right choice for everyone: families, couples, friends or for moments alone. The beach is equipped with numerous sunbeds and umbrellas, with a proposal aimed at the comfort of each of our guests.

Some pictures

Beach Volley - Stabilimento spiaggia a Rimini

Large spaces matter

Marina Lido, the beach establishment in Rimini, is the place where large spaces matter: the 1000 umbrellas uniformly distributed over thousands of square meters allow for a very large walkable surface of sand and are furthermore enriched by platforms, walkways, signage signs to easily and widely enter the plant in complete safety and therefore to access the numerous services offered in complete safety.

A family, not just factories

With an umbrella and/or sunbeds, taken from one of the Marina Lido beaches, you can use the services and carry out the activities offered by all 7 establishments of the group. There are no boundaries between the areas: you can choose your umbrella wherever you prefer, the services are shared between the areas and you can move if you want to try them all!


Animazione per bambini - Stabilimento spiaggia a Rimini
Spiaggia per cani - Stabilimento spiaggia a Rimini

Are you looking for a beach for dogs in Rimini? Come to us!

To access the facility you need to fill out a form which contains information on the animal’s health and vaccinations.


Don’t lose your place under the sun